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so who wants to thread with amnesia!sayaka

It was a tiny little world she found herself in.

The room itself was just her, no other patients, and she guessed it wasn't really all that squeezed in - but compared to the view out her window, it was so tiny. It was hard comprehending all the things out there, and she wondered if she'd seen even half of it, whether she'd been to that building, walked alongside those same pedestrians she can spot milling about floors below - did she ever speak to that girl? What if they were neighbors and she just couldn't remember?

She just couldn't remember a whole lot of things, after all. Like the names of the flowers in the pot next to her bedside, that sometimes, when she was really bored sitting here, she'd pull apart into petal by petal, then try to arrange back into the shape of the flower she'd destroyed.

Little things like that. There just wasn't much to do, and there wasn't much she could think about as a distraction.
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[It was his fault.

It was his fault and now she couldn't remember anything. She saved him but at what cost? He never stopped blaming himself for her sacrifice ever since it happened, and regularly visited her at the hospital, explaining things, talking about his daily lives.

It hurt seeing her like this, but he had to persevere, one day her memories would be back, and everything's going to turn out okay.


...Sayaka, are you awake?

[He knocked on the door, checking to see whether she is awake or not.]
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[And the door opens as Kyousuke entered the room, schoolbag and violin case in tow. It appears the boy has just finished his classes for the day when he chose to visit her. Approaching her bedside, he is going to take a seat right next to it, taking a moment to catch his breath.]

So how's your day?
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I see...

[Well, that's definitely one thing he knows. Being in a hospital for a few days could be really boring.

Fortunately, though, he happened to be bringing his violin along today. And hey, even if she couldn't remember a thing about music, she'd appreciate it anyways.


...Well, how about I play some music for you?